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A New Set of Goals

As we come to the end of the first quarter of the school year, it is important to take time and reflect on the successes your child has experienced over the past several months. They have grown in innumerable ways, and celebrating those successes is one of the Qualities of a Successful Learner. Your child will be asked to complete a Q1 Reflection, and we are encouraging you to sit down with them and discuss their achievements together, centered on the three foundational pillars: Faith, Knowledge, and Character.


Goal Setting is also one of the qualities of a Successful Learner. Highly successful people, whether they are athletes, musicians, or professionals, utilize the following three strategies to achieve greatness. The first is to visualize success. People who can actually see themselves achieving their goals, have a higher success rate than those who do not. The second step is to dream big and write it down. Putting pen to paper is a commitment, and the goal is more concrete when we have that visual reminder. Finally, successful people do not get caught up in the inevitable struggles and failure. They are in it for the long haul, and actually relish the process.

Students will be asked to set goals for Quarter 2, also centered on the three foundational pillars: Faith, Knowledge, and Character. Examples in the category of Faith might be to try to attend weekend Mass more frequently, commit to praying more regularly throughout the day, or engaging in a service project to help a neighbor or community cause. Examples in the area of Knowledge might be to try to read every night, to make sure to complete all homework on time, or to attend PATHways or Mathways every week. For Character, students may decide to go out of their way to include others in their friend group, give compliments to classmates or teachers, or to be good stewards of God’s creation by helping to keep the courtyard, lunch areas, and classrooms neat and tidy.

You can help your child accept this idea by sharing your own personal goals with them. If they understand that everyone participates in this process, they are more likely to embrace the challenge, and the earlier they practice and hone these skills, the better equipped they will be to continue it throughout their life.

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